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The territory

The extra virgin olive oil “L’Olio dei Sassi” is a product of the wonderful hills of
Matera, which are located in the heart of the area where the Italian production of
extra virgin olive oil has been historically carried out for centuries. Our generous
land “Lucania”, also called “Basilicata”, on the border with Apulia, is rich of
history, culture and traditions, which are deeply intertwined with the production of
one of the most ancient and noble products of the Mediterranean culture, extra
virgin olive oil.


zone 3 (low seismicity)


Max.: 19.5° C – Min.: 10.4°C




400mt above sea level


Talking about the land where an extra virgin olive oil is produced may seem
secondary, but it is not at all. In order to produce an extra virgin olive oil of
excellent quality, it is necessary to take into account a series of factors linked to
the place of production, to its history, culture, tradition and biodiversity.

In fact, thanks to the ancient practice of olive growing whose knowledge and tips
are handed down from father to son, we acquired such skills and experience that
extra virgin olive oil production has become a fundamental part of our tradition
and our life.

Our territory influences in a great measure our extra virgin olive oil giving it
particular scents and tastes. Our olive groves are surrounded by a rich biodiversity
that provide our oil with a range of inimitable aromas and flavors which makes it
Last but not least, the Matera hills are still a very uncontaminated territory that let
us obtain a pure and genuine product.

by Cosimo Vitale & C. s.a.s
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