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Extra virgin olive oil (EVO) is a true health elixir for new mothers and their babies in the delicate stages of breastfeeding and weaning. The nutraceutical qualities of Evo oil make it possible to use it as a delicious dressing and as a medicine. The benefits are many and in some particular moments of our life, they can be very useful, if not fundamental.

This is the case of the breastfeeding and weaning phase, in which the mother and the child need the right substances to allow the correct rebalancing and neuro-physical development.

Which oil to choose? Why the extra virgin olive oil?

Many new mothers use the most varied and expensive products to ensure all the nutrients the baby needs. But it is not necessary to search too far. Olive oil, used in the right quantities, is an exceptional product that provides the mother and baby with the substances they need.

Obviously, it’ strictly extra virgin olive oil to offer these benefits.

Unlike seed oils and olive oil , EVO oil is obtained exclusively from pressing olives solely by mechanical means. This means that during the entire production process, oil never comes into contact with chemical solvents or other artificial substances. Cold extraction, origin from organic cultivation and an entirely Italian production are further guarantees of a genuine and healthy product.

All this makes it a fundamental element in the delicate postpartum phase and a real wellness elixir.

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What are its benefits during breastfeeding?

In the breastfeeding phase, EVO oil is essential because it gives the woman and the infant those nutrients (omega 3, vitamin A, D, E, K) that strengthen and prevent the risk of internal bleeding in the mother and promote the child’s correct bone, muscle and nervous development. With its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties, extra virgin olive oil helps to protect correct cardiovascular development.

These numerous benefits are given by a phenolic compound of which extra virgin olive oil is rich, the oleocanthal. Numerous studies , over the years, have shown that this phenolic compound has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, performing a very similar action to that of ibuprofen as well as helping to prevent tumors, neurodegenerative diseases and degenerative joint diseases.

During the congress of the International Society of the Oleocanthal (OIS) it emerged that oils with high polyphenol content, and especially oleocanthal, are ideal for pregnant women and children. For these reasons, it is particularly recommended in the nursing and weaning phase.

Health elixir during weaning

During the following weaning phase, EVO oil can be even more of use because it is the most akin fat to that of human milk .Oil is an important source of omega 3 and it can be fundamental to integrate it into a child’s diet before she/he starts eating fish. In this way, myelination will be promoted, i.e. the maturation of the central nervous system to allow information to be conveyed quickly and efficiently.

Adding a little extra virgin olive oil to your baby’s first meals can also help him/her get through this delicate phase where he could get intestinal problems and digestive difficulties.

The balanced relationship between Omega 3 and Omega 6 promotes the correct composition of cells and their membranes, the development of neuro-psychic-motor acquisitions, a good retinal structure and brain function. Therefore, breastfeeding and weaning both represent very delicate phases in the life of the mother and child. You have to take care of your body to allow a perfect rearrangement. Taking care of your body, through a correct and balanced diet, also affects the correct growth of the child. As demonstrated, extra virgin olive oil is a natural elixir that offers many benefits to both. It takes about 2 tablespoons a day for the mother and two teaspoons for the baby during the weaning phase. This way you can ensure all the nutrients needed to live these months in the most peaceful way possible.

Only a few drops to give serenity to the mother and well-being to the baby.

Did you know of these benefits for you and your baby? Tell us your experience of use.

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