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Extra virgin olive oil can be a great remedy to
treat sunburn

Summer is coming and with it the desire to enjoy the beaches and the sun. Searching the perfect tan, many resort to numerous methods and tricks. And between prolonged sun exposure and lamps, the skin is subject to dehydration and in severe cases to painful sunburn. In these cases, natural products come to our aid. One of these is certainly extra virgin olive oil. EVO oil is indeed an excellent ally and provides a natural relief to the skin stressed by sunlight.
Thanks to its chemical composition, extra virgin olive oil is not only an easily available remedy but also an excellent alternative to other more expensive products.
Furthermore, since the EVO oil is obtained simply by pressing olives, the skin benefits from an all-natural, 100% vegetable substance.

The chemical composition

The chemical composition of EVO oil guarantees a series of benefits to take care of dry,
dehydrated or burned skin. Not only is olive oil compatible with the human skin Ph, but it is also rich in precious substances. Among these, the emollient function of oleic and linoleic acid has already been widely recognized so that these substances are commonly used in the cosmetic industry.

Why extra virgin olive oil is so helpful?

The secret of olive oil benefits lies in its unsaponifiable part which, being rich in Vitamin E and A , protects the skin from aging by counteracting free radicals, stimulates cellular repair and prevents dryness of the mucous membranes. In addition to vitamins, the presence of linoleic acid and squalene makes EVO oil an exceptional product to deeply hydrate the skin.
Squalene is an organic substance also contained in the cutaneous sebum that hydrates and renews the upper layer of the epidermis reconstituting the hydrolipidic film of the skin weakened by sunlight.
Dulcis in fundo, its powerful repairing and anti-inflammatory action makes the olive oil extremely suitable to treat skin exposed to sunburn and sun spots and skin prone to other imperfections such as wrinkles and stretch marks.

How to use olive oil on the skin

Because of its many beneficial qualities, we suggest using pure olive oil on your skin to fully enjoy its effects.
Just apply a couple of drops of olive oil on the areas affected by irritation, burns and other skin blemishes and massage until completely absorbed. The skin will be smooth and fragrant.
As an alternative to a basic use, you can create an emulsion of olive oil with other essential oils such as essential mint oil which is very effective for sunburn.

And for those who worry about the greasy feeling this could leave on the skin, a trick is to apply olive oil before or after the shower. In this way, heat opens the pores accelerating the absorption process and you will have a regenerated silky and smooth skin without any greasy feeling.

The uses of olive oil are many and the benefits that can be derived from it are even greater. Olive oil, thanks to its composition and its production method, is an extremely versatile product. Already in antiquity, numerous aesthetic qualities were recognized and it was also commonly used in cosmetics and personal care. In fact, olive oil can be applied to all types of skin, even the most delicate ones, so that it can be used to soothe irritation on children’s skin.
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