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The agrarian varieties of our olive groves


The Coratina cultivar, a jewel of rural culture, has good productivity and a high oil yield.

Oils produced by this cultivar have marked spicy and bitter hints.

Far from being negative attributes, they are classification parameters of an excellent quality oil with high beneficial properties given by its high presence of polyphenols. These are powerful antioxidants that have cellular anti-aging properties, help prevent cancer and other diseases while also ensuring a more long-lasting oil conservation.
The oil of coratina has a strong and persistent character with an intense fruity taste and scents of artichokes and freshly cut grass.


The frantoio cultivar, originally from Tuscany, is today one of the most cultivated varieties.

Although this cultivar is sensitive to mange and cycloconium, it is widely appreciated for its versatility, its fine quality and the excellent organoleptic characteristics of its oil.

The extra-virgin olive oils derived from this cultivar have pleasant aromas of tomato. Bitter, spicy and sweet scents mix perfectly together resulting in an oil with a strong but balanced taste, releasing agreeable flavors on the palate.
It is suitable for dishes in which the oil is the protagonist.

Ogliarola of the Bradano

The Ogliarola of the Bradano represents an immeasurable wealth for the Lucan territory : despite having an alternate and late productivity, it is largely appreciated by producers for its good productivity in terms of quantity.

Oil extracted from this cultivar, has a medium-fruity scent with a captivating sweet and delicate taste.

The perfect balance between delicate bitter and spicy scents mixed with flavors of almonds and freshly cut grass made this oil widely appreciated by consumers.


The Carolea cultivar has a medium- intensity fruity aroma.

It is a sweet oil with light bitter and spicy notes resulting in a delicate but definite taste.

Its flavor with distinct notes of artichokes and freshly-cut grass make it even more palatable.

These pleasant features make it suitable for both table use and oil production.


The leccino variety, whose origin is in Tuscany, produces oils with a pleasant fruity taste which makes it suitable to tone down oils with stronger flavors.

It has a sweet, delicate and persuasive taste.

Its aromas of grass and tomato give a pleasant sensation of slightly bitter and spicy notes releasing a pleasant freshness on the palate.

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