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L’Olio dei Sassi

by Frantoio l’Olio dei Sassi s.a.s. di Cosimo Vitale & C

The passion for our land’s fruits

The brand “L’Olio dei Sassi” was created in 2000 thanks to the initiative of our founder Nicola Vitale, his wife Angela and their children Cosimo and Vitalba.

This family-run company is the result of ideas, objectives and actions of a genuine and pure culture designed to give honor and prominence to one of the oldest and noblest foods of our land, extra virgin olive oil.

The cultivars of our olive groves


Ogliarola del Bradano


Thanks to a cultivation carried out in accordance with the utmost respect for the environment and nature, a meticulous scrutiny of the harvesting period as well as to the prompt olives processing, “L’Olio dei Sassi” is able to best express the chemical and organoleptic qualities of its 100% Italian and Lucan product, satisfying the palate of a medium-high range of customers in different corners of the world.

by Cosimo Vitale & C. s.a.s
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